Welcome to the Match-making Tool, where collective renewable projects take shape!

The search ends here: this tool facilitates community groups in finding roofs or land for their renewable energy projects, while municipal or private asset owners can showcase their willingness to make them available for community energy initiatives.

This is how the tool will give wings to energy communities across Europe:


Step 1: Municipalities or private owners (businesses, individuals, organisations, etc.) input their available assets (roofs, land, façade, etc.) into the tool.


Step 2: Local community members interested in collectively producing and sharing energy explore available assets near them.


Step 3: Project owners and asset owners connect with one another for potential collaboration.


What to Expect from the Match-making Tool

The Match-making Tool provides visibility to available municipal or private assets. People with renewable project ideas can thereby identify assets in their area that align with their interests and energy goals. However, be aware: expressing interest in a posted asset doesn’t automatically grant you the right to use it. Expressing interest is a preliminary step: usage rights are contingent upon the national legal framework governing the location of the asset. Furthermore, specific regulations from public procurement and private law come into play, and the applicability of these regulations depends on whether the asset is owned by a private individual or a public entity. Therefore, understanding and adhering to these legal nuances are imperative for a successful and legally compliant utilization of the identified assets. Get in touch with the private owner or municipality to which the asset belongs to obtain detailed information on the legal procedures that must be followed to utilize the identified asset effectively.



The Match-making Tool is one component of the “LIFE LOOP community energy accreditation scheme”. This scheme is the first ever scheme that acknowledges municipalities demonstrating foresightedness in energy community matters. It offers municipalities the chance to discover how much of a community energy supporter they are through a test with the self-assessment tracker. Additionally, civil servants can enhance their skills via the self-paced Community Energy Espresso course running between April 1 and June 14, 2024. Ready to take part in the “LIFE LOOP community energy accreditation scheme”? Visit our website: https://energy-cities.eu/project/lifeloop-accreditation-scheme/



The EU-funded LIFE LOOP “Local Ownership of Power” project is about connecting energy communities and local authorities to achieve, together, a democratic, inclusive, and just energy transition. Learn more about the LIFE LOOP project on our website: https://energy-cities.eu/project/lifeloop/.